Primarily meant for businesses and individuals with domain name portfolio of 5000 or less domain names

Advanced domain name and site management software for businesses. Track almost everything related to domains.

Supports old and new gTLDS (guru, company, bike, tattoo, etc), country code TLDs and IDNs (International domains)

Monitor expiry dates, name servers, domain contact addresses, associated A records, MX records, SSL data and more.

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Monitor Expiry Dates, MX Records, SSL and More

Domain Punch Pro supports monitoring a large number of data related to domain names. These include domain expiry dates, creation dates, domain contacts, name servers, IP addresses, MX records, SSL certificate data and more.

All domain names that are expiring soon are highlighted and displayed with an alert icon next to it.

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Categorize Domain Names into Different Groups

You can categorize your domain names into easily manageable groups. The domain category bar displays all the domain categories in a neat tree view. You can add, remove and rename the categories.

Domains can be moved from one category to another very easily. You can also automatically assign the domains to a specific category when they are being added to the portfolio.

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More than just Domain Name Monitoring

Domain Punch Professional is the most advanced domain name management software and includes all the features of Watch My Domains Professional, Domain Name Analyzer Professional and more. Supports monitoring the web sites associated with the domain (including search engine link popularity, ping and http home page check), email alerts when the status of a domain changes.

Monitor Important Data Related To Domains!

  • Domain Expiry Dates
  • Domain Creation Date
  • Domain Last Update Date
  • Domain Status (redemption, registrar-lock, registrar-hold, active, etc.)
  • Raw Whois Text Data
  • Associated Name Servers
  • Root and WWW IP Addresses
  • Domain MX Records
  • Domain Root Record TTL Values
  • US Trademark Records
  • Associated SSL Certificate Data including Expiry Dates
  • Web Visibility Data
  • Monitor the Domain Home Page Data
  • Integrated Domain Name Filter
  • Registrar Related Information
  • Domain Contact Records
  • Domain Registrant Information
  • Ping check of the server that hosts the domain. You can do this at regular intervals.
  • Automatic IDN (International Domain Names) support

Five Quick Reasons to Use Domain Punch Pro

Domain Punch is not a domain spreadsheet. It is a powerful application that can automatically find & display all relevant domain related data (expiry, created and last updated dates, name servers, domain IP addresses)

Quickly find domains that need to be renewed every month. Ensure that you never lose a domain name because you forgot to renew it!

Find domains that point to invalid or wrong IP addresses. Watch My tabulates the IP addresses each associated website is pointing to.

Find domains that have a wrong email contact. At all times make sure that you have control over your administrative email contact and your registrant email address is working.

Filter domain names from large lists. Remove domains that have specific characters / words, append or remove TLDs and more.

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